Since 2003, A&C has been continually approached by many of its customers to custom package materials.  These items include surfactants, solvents, diluents, sweeteners, amino acids, preservatives, buffering salts, flavors, scents, and colorants.  These items are fully tested and released to the appropriate compendia and customer specifications.  A&C has standard packaging sizes, but is capable of customer specific packaging.

All items enter into A&C’s Quality and Supply Chain management system.  Since change control is very important in our industry, our processes are designed to keep customers appropriately notified.  To further limit our customer’s risk, A&C works with multiple suppliers to have secondary sources approved where required.

A&C’s clean rooms are HEPA filtered, meeting ISO Class 8 standards – guaranteed quality and purity of all our products.

Please contact us if you have any custom packaging requirements:  Envelope2